Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin is Better at the Lake”

What he thought would be a relaxing day of rest down by the lake turns into yet another case as Kevin encounters a giant humanoid monster carrying a woman through the woods. Chale considers a new career in real estate, while Kendra begins to fade out of existence.


Big Bang Theory, “The Sportsball Exhibition”

Howard receives tickets to a football game from his boss at work, and forces his friends to go with him. Raj finds himself strangely engaged with the game, and gets into a fight with fan from the opposing team. Leonard struggles to figure out the rules to the game, and makes fun of everyone around … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Sportsball Exhibition”

Young Sheldon, “A Case of the Bazingas”

It’s the day of the big science fair, and Young Sheldon is all prepared to win the day. There’s just one thing—Young Sheldon woke up with a horrible illness. Forced to get some bed rest by his mother, Young Sheldon schemes to sneak out of bed and make it to the science fair…just as soon … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “A Case of the Bazingas”

Live & Uncensored: Trumpahontas

Hey Knotheads and other fiendish readers, Corey Taylor here to set the record straight. Okay, so like, as you have already heard because my fans are the smartest, most well-educated music fans on this planet, Donald Trump, or as I like to call him, “Mr. Dumb Dumb Head,” used an ethnic slur toward American Indians … Continue reading Live & Uncensored: Trumpahontas

Breaking News: Cybernetic Monday

Hello FOLKS, Jesse “The Newsman” Ventura here to crush your brainwashed minds with my MIGHTY THIGHS of truth. While you were PROBably busy stuffing GMO giblets into the desecrated ORIFICES of your antiBIOTIC-injected holiday turkeys, I was busy researching our IMMINENT doom. It used-ta be that on the Friday AFTER Thanksgiving, sovereign AMERICAN CITIZENS would … Continue reading Breaking News: Cybernetic Monday

Kevin Can Wait, “Paint It Black—Friday!”

It’s Black Friday, and Kevin and the family head to the mall for some shopping. When a crazed shopper tramples Sara, Kevin tasers the man and discovers a small parasite attached to the back of his neck. Perhaps theres a little more to the shopping mania than just modest savings on everyday goods.     … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Paint It Black—Friday!”

Big Bang Theory, “The Friendsgiving Experimentation”

Not wanting to slip back into his murderous impersonation of his mother, Howard suggests the whole Big Bang Gang™ get together for a Friendsgiving. Amy takes this opportunity to cook up a vegan Turducken she engineered by combining the genes of a turkey and a duck, and replacing their proteins with that from soy beans. … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Friendsgiving Experimentation”

Young Sheldon, “Bazing-obble gobble!”

When Young Sheldon dresses as a pilgrim on the last day of school before Thanksgiving break, some bullies shove him into a locker and flush his hat down a toilet. At dinner the following night, Young Sheldon gets to break the wishbone with his father. When he gets the bigger piece, the little genius wishes … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “Bazing-obble gobble!”

Young Sheldon, “Superstition, Bazinga, and Jealousy”

The Young Sheldon develops a crush on Becky Liebowicz from Poetry class. When he asks her out to the Homecoming dance by reciting a poem about cats, she informs him that she already has a date. After some advice from his alcoholic father, Young Sheldon enacts Plan B—take another girl to the dance to make … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “Superstition, Bazinga, and Jealousy”

Big Bang Theory, “The Presentation Impersonationing”

It’s the big chili cook off and Raj hopes to win the prize for the hottest pot. Raj steals some plutonium from the Libyans and puts it in the chili, which scalds Howard’s throat, leaving him unable to speak right before his big work presentation. The two scheme to hide Raj in the lectern and … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Presentation Impersonationing”