Big Bang Theory, “The Fear Experiment”

A routine trip to the piano store for Howard and Raj goes haywire when a piano falls from the fifth floor window and lands on Howard. Now fully paralyzed, Amy decides to loan Howard one of her lab monkeys to be used as a monkey butler. Howard and Melinda the Monkey’s bond grows to unhealthy … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Fear Experiment”

Kevin Can Wait, “Scared Crooked”

When Jack lets slip that Sara not only has a new boyfriend, but that her boyfriend is a nogoodnik from the south end of town, Kevin decides to use an old police tactic to set her on the right path: a “scared straight” demonstration. In order to avoid his cop friends finding out about Sara’s … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Scared Crooked”

Super Bowl C, “100 Years of Football”

It’s a big celebration for the non-profit National Football League as the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England-style Patriots in the 100th Super Bowl! Watch as balls are footed and downs are touched in a quest to determine which team of atomic supermen will be crowned victors of this nationalized football event. A musician...

Big Bang Theory, “The Test Taker’s Dilemma”

Amy freezes up when taking her annual Monkey Handler’s License exam, leading her to cheat off of Howard, who is seemingly taking the exam with relative ease. Raj struggles with a gambling addiction when Leonard introduces him to the Wide World of eSports. Meanwhile, Potato Penny finds herself strangely aroused by Werejock Sheldon under the … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Test Taker’s Dilemma”