Super Bowl 2000: Attack of the Football

It’s the Super Bowl again, and yet again it’s the New England Patriots versus Some Other Team. The Philadelphia Eagles are set to play the role of Some Other Team, but if they somehow get lost, the Cleveland Browns have agreed to step in on account of their having absolutely nothing better to do. The … Continue reading Super Bowl 2000: Attack of the Football

Big Bang Theory, “The Forbidden Fraternization”

As the Potato Penny finds herself being the “other woman” in an affair with LA Angels first baseman Albert Pujols, her ex-husband Leonard, too, finds himself in a forbidden love as he and his grad student do some passionate “research” in the lab at night. Meanwhile, Sheldmond and Amy have a frustrating time trying to … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Forbidden Fraternization”

Breaking News: Straight Dope

Hello again folks, it’s your ol’ pal Jesse “The Newsman” Ventura here to RATTLE the cages and break this folding CHAIR of KNOWLedge over your puny little skulls. News dropped today from the InterNATIONAL Olympic Committee that the nation of Russia will be BARRED from the 2018 games as punishment for systematic state-SPONSORED doping at … Continue reading Breaking News: Straight Dope

Breaking News w/Chris Berman: ESPN Announces Mass Layoffs

My employers at ESPN are rumblin’, stumblin’, and bumblin’ with their announcement of massive layoffs. Included in the cut are Jay “Stick In My” Crawford, Ed “Mark My” Werder, Trent “Kosher” Dilfer, and the entire frozen tundra of the NHL department. During the Stanley Cup playoff season, no less! Whoop whoop! Swami sayz this is … Continue reading Breaking News w/Chris Berman: ESPN Announces Mass Layoffs

Super Bowl C, “100 Years of Football”

It’s a big celebration for the non-profit National Football League as the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England-style Patriots in the 100th Super Bowl! Watch as balls are footed and downs are touched in a quest to determine which team of atomic supermen will be crowned victors of this nationalized football event. A musician...