Bar Rescue, “Rescue Mission to the ISS”

The crew aboard the International Space Station are in for a shock when the Dan Akroyd of Bars™ takes a trip to outer space to make their little “science” venture profitable. Jon Taffer floats his way over to the commanding officer to berate him about not running the space station like a business. First up on the plate is to revise the station’s dismal food selection. Instead of pre-packaged pouch food, Taffer invites Dino Luciano (of MasterChef fame) aboard the space station to cook up a new menu full of fresh and modern takes on classic foods like spaghetti and meatballs and eggplant parmesan. Taffer then tries to get the crew to speed up the orbit of the spacecraft from about 16 Earth orbits per day to 20 per minute, which causes big drama with the eggheads back home, leading Jon to threaten to pack his space suitcase and go back to Earth. Will Taffer be able to right this sinking ship, or is this rescue too out-of-this-Earth to save?

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