The Masked Chef, “Two Sugars…Please”

The reanimated cremains of host James Corden welcomes the next 6 totally famous undercover celebrities—this time disguised as Broccoli, OxyContin® Bottle, Racist Caricature That We’ve Had to Blur Out During Editing, Robot, Grampa, and Hot Dog—as they face off in the second dessert battle of the season!

Broccoli and the Racist Caricature each made a cherry pie, but only the Racist Caricature succeeded in getting the texture and taste right. (You’ll have to take the judge’s words for it. The blurring of the Racist Caricature made it impossible to see. They really should have consulted Standards and Practices before making that costume.) 

Robot made a banana pudding that left the judges wanting more. Hot Dog demonstrated an allegedly very safe way to deep fry ice cream, but accidentally melted its hand off in the process, giving viewers a clue as to who it is. 

OxyContin® won the night with a molten lava cake made with real Hawaiian lava. The judges claimed they appreciated the unique ingredients, but it seems more likely that they were glad its flames kept the undead Corden away.

Grampa made a stollen, but the judges refused to try it due to finding a hair in it. Grampa insisted it was sabotage, but the judges would not hear him out. Before even announcing the bottom two, Grampa cursed out the judges and eliminated himself by taking off his ungodly head to reveal the former heavyweight pope of the world, Pope Benedict XVI!

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