Gummi Bears Bounce Back, Disney+ Exclusive

Bouncing straight to Disney+ is a brand new Gummi Bears adventure. The bears you remember are back, but this time, they’re all grown up and totally self aware! Cubbi (voiced by Chris Pratt) is now a thirty-something living in a disaster of a bachelor pad. Sunni (voiced by Zendaya) stops by his flophouse to inform him that Zummi (Patrick Stewart)—the great Gummi Elder—is missing, and that she needs his help to find him. Faced with an eviction notice and his last bottle of Gummiberry Juice, he takes the case.

Suspecting that Zummi was kidnapped by the evil Duke Sigmund Igthorn (Will Arnett), the two travel to Ursalia City where they pick up Gruffi (Dave Bautista) and Tummi (Seth Rogan) for assistance. Along the way, they encounter many Disney-owned IPs such as the Ice Age cast, Darkwing Duck (Robert Pattinson), a middle-aged Doug Funny (Will Forte), Cruella deVil (Emma Stone), Jack Skelington (Chris Sarandon), Pepper Ann (Kathy Griffin), Darth Vader and his lightsaber, Kermit the Frog, a Xenomorph Queen (Queen Latifah) and Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), literally every character from The Simpsons, and Bonkers D. Bobcat (Paul Rudd). Wheel spinning occurs to pad out the runtime until the big dumb ending happens where the bears bounce around and defeat the enemy. A sequel hook occurs mid credits teasing the disappearance of Grammi Gummi. Millennials will watch it and insist it is good because this is an IP they remember from a time in their lives where there was still hope for a better tomorrow.

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