Breaking News: Trick or Treat?

Hello again, COMRADES, it’s Uncle Jesse “The Newsman” Ventura here again to TWIST you into the full Nelson of TRUTH! It’s HalloWEEN time and that means that real, ACTUAL goblins and ghouls will be out LURKING the streets. The only WAY to quench their thirst for BLOOD is to give them Halloween candy. At least … Continue reading Breaking News: Trick or Treat?

Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin of Queens”

After having a dream where he was married to his former detective partner Vanessa Cellucci (Leah Remini), Kevin gives her a call and asks her out. When the waiter asks to see their IDs after ordering some wine, Kevin notices that the name on her license says Carrie Heffernan, leading Kevin to investigate who this … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin of Queens”

Big Bang Theory, “The Virtual Reality Extraction”

Howard sets up a new VR rig and the Big Bang Gang™ comes over for a demonstration. When he runs a haunted house simulation featuring serial killers, things go wrong as the virtual reality machine connects to the WiFi-enabled 3D printer, which then prints up copies of murderers. This wacky pack of nerds must destroy … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Virtual Reality Extraction”

Young Sheldon, “Trick-or-Bazinga”

Young Sheldon is bullied at school when he tells his classmates that his Halloween plans include Trick-or-Treating. As his mother shows him the finished costume she made him, he yells at her that he’s too old to dress up. Young Sheldon questions his decision when Elvira talks to him in a day dream. Young Sheldon’s … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “Trick-or-Bazinga”

Kevin Can Wait, “It’s Not Delivery, It’s Kevin!”

When Kevin wakes up in a package delivery uniform, he decides to look into the rumors that a nearby package delivery warehouse is storing footage of the JFK assassination taken from the grassy knoll. Along the way, he discovers a man called Spence Olchin, who claims to be a buddy of his. Despite having no … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “It’s Not Delivery, It’s Kevin!”

MasterChef Senior, “Hold the Eyeballs, I’m Going to Ice Cream!”

The Top 5™ Retirement Home Cooks® becomes the Top 4™ when one of the contestants drives their Cadillac through the MasterChef® Kitchen™. Former child actor twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen guest judge yet another pizza challenge where the octogenarians must use only the ingredients found in their popular home video cassette tape segment. The … Continue reading MasterChef Senior, “Hold the Eyeballs, I’m Going to Ice Cream!”

Young Sheldon, “Friday Night Bazingas”

It’s time for the first big pep rally at school, and Young Sheldon doesn’t see what the big fuss is all about. That is until he sees the mascot—Kipper the Wonder Herring—run out onto the basketball court. When Kipper breaks his leg during a stunt involving jumping off a trampoline through a hula hoop and … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “Friday Night Bazingas”

Kevin Can Wait, “Jack Gable the Ripper”

After a string of mysterious prostitute murders on the lower east side, Kevin is called in to investigate. When he notices a Victorian robe in Jack’s closet, Kevin begins to wonder if his son Jack is really the reincarnation of the elusive Jack the Ripper.

Big Bang Theory, “The Genetically Modified Male Enhancement”

After YouTube changed the creator revenue policy, the Potato Penny decides it’s time to shut down her channel, but not without doing her best VLOG yet! When writer’s block plagues her starchy brain, she starts to wonder about where her path will take her next. Meanwhile, Sheldmond and Amy go on their first date, and … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Genetically Modified Male Enhancement”

MasterChef Senior, “Blood to Walk, Blood to Sear”

The competition heats up as the Top 6™ retirement home cooks have only 10 minutes to make as many blood sausages as possible. The winner of the challenge then chooses teams for the tag-team challenge where our octogenarians take turns making a MasterChef™-quality dish using fresh “cow” blood, but with a twist: none of these … Continue reading MasterChef Senior, “Blood to Walk, Blood to Sear”