Breaking News: Invasion of the Cybermen

Hello folks, Jesse “The Newsman” Ventura here to PILE drive some news into your weak little minds. A company in WISCONSIN has announced that its employees will have an “option” to receive an RFID IMPLANT between their index finger and thumb. According to Three Square MARKET, the company in question, the CHIPS will offer employees … Continue reading Breaking News: Invasion of the Cybermen

Breaking News: Trump Wrestles CNN?

Hello COMRADES, it’s Jesse “The Newsman” Ventura here again to DELIVER you the latest HARD HITTING news. On Sunday July 2, Donald Trump, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, retweeted a video of him wrestling the CNN in a no-holds-barred fight. First of ALL, if THIS video were real—which I’ll get to inna MINUTE—it would … Continue reading Breaking News: Trump Wrestles CNN?