Bar Rescue, “Rescue Mission to the ISS”

The crew aboard the International Space Station are in for a shock when the Dan Akroyd of Bars™ takes a trip to outer space to make their little "science" venture profitable. Jon Taffer floats his way over to the commanding officer to berate him about not running the space station like a business. First up … Continue reading Bar Rescue, “Rescue Mission to the ISS”

Bing Bang Review: Christmas with the Kranks

What do you get when Chris Columbus writes a film adaptation of a John Grisham comedy starring Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Akroyd and that kid who played Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle? If you guessed Christmas with the Kranks, you would be wrong. The correct answer was a complete and utter disaster. … Continue reading Bing Bang Review: Christmas with the Kranks

Coming up next… (Sep. 29-Oct. 1)

Friday College Football, ESPN The Washington State Cougars take on the USC Trojans in a game that is certain to be called football. The Cougs have the home field advantage, which means that if they manage to outscore the Trojans, and if the sacrifice has appeased the great old ones, they should win the victory. … Continue reading Coming up next… (Sep. 29-Oct. 1)

Kevin Can Wait, “Mo Money, Mo Kevin”

Kevin has a moral dilemma as he inherits a million dollars from his long lost uncle’s estate. Kendra tries to convince Kevin to open a new not-for-profit and to name Chale as its CEO. Donna wants Kevin to buy a mansion. Kevin seeks the advice of his uncle’s ghost to figure out what to do. Dan Akroyd … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Mo Money, Mo Kevin”