The Masked Chef, “Two Sugars…Please”

The reanimated cremains of host James Corden welcomes the next 6 totally famous undercover celebrities—this time disguised as Broccoli, OxyContin® Bottle, Racist Caricature That We’ve Had to Blur Out During Editing, Robot, Grampa, and Hot Dog—as they face off in the second dessert battle of the season! Broccoli and the Racist Caricature each made a … Continue reading The Masked Chef, “Two Sugars…Please”

MasterChef Senior, “Hold the Eyeballs, I’m Going to Ice Cream!”

The Top 5™ Retirement Home Cooks® becomes the Top 4™ when one of the contestants drives their Cadillac through the MasterChef® Kitchen™. Former child actor twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen guest judge yet another pizza challenge where the octogenarians must use only the ingredients found in their popular home video cassette tape segment. The … Continue reading MasterChef Senior, “Hold the Eyeballs, I’m Going to Ice Cream!”

MasterChef Senior, “Blood to Walk, Blood to Sear”

The competition heats up as the Top 6™ retirement home cooks have only 10 minutes to make as many blood sausages as possible. The winner of the challenge then chooses teams for the tag-team challenge where our octogenarians take turns making a MasterChef™-quality dish using fresh “cow” blood, but with a twist: none of these … Continue reading MasterChef Senior, “Blood to Walk, Blood to Sear”

MasterChef Senior, “Meat the Press”

The competition is down to the final 8 retirement home cooks after several contestants mysteriously went missing. In today’s challenge, the remaining retirees must cook a MasterChef-worthy dish from the mystery basket full of aged mystery meat. The bottom three then face an elimination challenge involving Cubano sandwiches made with fresh "pork".

MasterChef Senior, “Eatsa Pizza”

It’s time for a team challenge! The producers forgot that they did one last week, but so did the octogenarian competitors, so it all worked out. This week’s challenge sees the Red Team™ take on the Blue Team™ in a Pizza Challenge® for a bunch of screaming children. Blue Team™ member Blanch loses her dentures … Continue reading MasterChef Senior, “Eatsa Pizza”

MasterChef Senior, “Aqua Team Hunger Force”

In the first team challenge of the season, the Red Team™ and the Blue Team™ must prepare a MasterChef®-quality meal for the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus. While Team Captain Mildred and the Red Team™ struggle getting their savory gelatin to set and stop murdering MasterChef® crew members, Team Captain Ancel and the … Continue reading MasterChef Senior, “Aqua Team Hunger Force”

MasterChef Senior, “That’sa Spicy Basket”

The Top 20™ retired chefs compete in their first mystery box challenge, which involves spicy ingredients such as salt and black pepper. Later, the contestants struggle when they try to duplicate one of Gordon Ramsay’s dishes while also playing a game of Bingo.

MasterChef Senior, “Quest for the Apron, Pt. 1”

In this series premiere, 20 octogenarians compete for 8 of the Top 20 spots in the MasterChef® Kitchen™ for a chance to win the MasterChef® Trophy™ and a year’s supply of batteries from the Duracell® corporation and hard candy from the Ferrara Candy Company®. Before they can get their white apron, these retirement home cooks … Continue reading MasterChef Senior, “Quest for the Apron, Pt. 1”