The Masked Chef, “Two Sugars…Please”

The reanimated cremains of host James Corden welcomes the next 6 totally famous undercover celebrities—this time disguised as Broccoli, OxyContin® Bottle, Racist Caricature That We’ve Had to Blur Out During Editing, Robot, Grampa, and Hot Dog—as they face off in the second dessert battle of the season! Broccoli and the Racist Caricature each made a … Continue reading The Masked Chef, “Two Sugars…Please”

Big Bang Theory, “The Kevin Xenogamy”

Leonard and Sheldon go to the desert for a “business” deal when they encounter a mysterious being with a familiar face (played by guest star Jaleel White). When the being grabs Leonard and disappears, Sheldon rushes home to tell the rest of the Big Bang Gang™. After a failed attempt to locate their friend, they … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Kevin Xenogamy”

Big Bang Theory, “The Cult Culture”

With his powers growing ever stronger, Howard convinces himself that he is not that of man, but rather a god. He forms a new religious cult, which Sheldon only joins when Howard insists that all incantations be recited in Klingon. When the Potato Penny joins the religion, Leonard follows suit in a desperate attempt to … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Cult Culture”