The Masked Chef, “Blind Bake”

The first 6 totally famous undercover celebrities—Barnacle, Toothpaste, Dog, Ground Beef, Toilet, and Disaffected Youth—must face off in the Certified Organic Culinary Kitchen in the most intense amateur cooking competition in the world! These 6 real celebrities must prepare a show-stopping dessert for the panel judges (Ken Jeong, Ruben Studdard, Carmen Electra, and Sandra Lee) in only 30 minutes while wearing Wacky™ costumes.

Barnacle secures the victory by making an 8-tiered wedding cake that causes Ruben Studdard to cry tears of joy when he discovers it has a raspberry filling—his favorite!

Dog, Ground Beef, and Toilet all had good showings (a strawberry rhubarb pie, French toast, and pistachio custard, respectively), which granted them another week in the C.O.C.K.

That leaves Toothpaste and Disaffected Youth in the bottom this week. While Disaffected Youth’s inverted pineapple upside down cake had its share of problems, ultimately Toothpaste’s bananas foster had to be eliminated due to it immolating host James Corden.

Before departing, Toothpaste squeezed out of its unholy tube to reveal the celebrity hidden within—television’s Barney, the friendly purple dinosaur.

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