Coming up next… (7/15-7/17)

September 15-17


MTV Unplugged, MTV

MTV dusts off another relic from its past: MTV Unplugged—the show where bands strip away the frills of electricity and deliver an intimate acoustic performance. Kicking off the latest reboot of the show is musical legend Skrillex. Watch and listen as he recreates his classics without the use of a MacBook Pro.

PewDiePie, YouTube

Noted YouTube jackass PewDiePie takes to his channel to address his latest act of racism. After saying his use of the “n-word” was merely an accident, he invites special guest Ice Cube out to berate him for a minute or two before asking, “What the hell is a PewDiePie?”

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, CNN

Acclaimed chef and noted loud mouth Anthony Bourdain towers over the legendary punk and heavy metal vocalist Glenn Danzig as they explore the streets of Cairo in search of the best cup of French onion soup.


College Football, PACN

The Washington State Cougars take on the Oregon State Beavers in a sport that is known to cause serious brain injuries. The winner of today’s game will be determined by whichever team scores the most points.

Death to Smoochy: The Animated Series, Disney Channel

Based on the much beloved film, Death to Smoochy brings the depressing antics of Rainbow Randolph to the animated world. You know, for kids. Watch as Rainbow Randolph attempts to come up with harebrained schemes and Rube Goldberg contraptions to kill his arch rival Smoochy.

Guy Fieri’s Sausage Fest, Food Network

Guy Fieri might as well be walkin’ on the Sun when he stops by the University of Arizona for a chili cookoff. Later, Guy hits up a DeVry University student and learns how to gorge himself to sleep on a budget of only $5.


The Orville, Fox

Seth MacFarlane’s nerdy past re-emerges as he takes a stab at his own version of Star Trek. The crew must navigate the vastness of outer space while trying to steer clear of MacFarlane’s lazy humor, massive ego, and creepy relationships with young employees.

Bachelor in Hoboken, ABC

Former contestants from ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette get a second, sexy chance at love and minor celebrity status as they explore new relationships and challenges in the love capital of the world: Hoboken, New Jersey.

Paula Deen’s Cooking with History, History Channel

Paula Deen returns in her all-new show on the History Channel where she digs up an old recipe, and then does a historic re-enactment of how it would have been made back when it originated. In the series premier, Paula recreates a corn chowder recipe that originated at her family’s plantation in 1860. When one of her slaves dumps in too much cream, Paula shows off her favorite form of punishment.

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