Live & Uncensored: Hamburgled

Hey there Knotheads, Sour Patch Kids, Taylorites, and other fans of mine, it’s me, your favorite heavy metal vocalist Corey Taylor here again to share with you my thoughts on the news and whatnot. It’s been a rough news week, and I know you’ve all been waiting on me to comment on it. And you … Continue reading Live & Uncensored: Hamburgled

Big Bang Theory, “The Sauce Delirium”

When the Chunky Burger brings back its Cantonese-flavored Chicken Dunklet sauce for one day only, the Big Bang Gang™ piles into Raj’s van and heads out for some nugs. When they get there and find out that the sauce is sold out, Leonard nerd rages himself into an online campaign against the company. Meanwhile, The … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Sauce Delirium”

Coming up next… (Sep. 29-Oct. 1)

Friday College Football, ESPN The Washington State Cougars take on the USC Trojans in a game that is certain to be called football. The Cougs have the home field advantage, which means that if they manage to outscore the Trojans, and if the sacrifice has appeased the great old ones, they should win the victory. … Continue reading Coming up next… (Sep. 29-Oct. 1)