Big Bang Theory, “The Beefcake Mutation”

It’s the annual computer hacking competition at the community center, and the Big Bang Gang™ hopes to sweep the competition. After drinking several energy drinks, Sheldon splits away from the group to use the bathroom, but takes the wrong door and gets locked outside. As he pounds on the door in the dark alley, a rabid jock from the nearby gym leaps through the fog and bites Sheldon. In a scene reminiscent of the “Thriller” video, Sheldon mutates into a Werejock! Wondering what’s taking him so long, Leonard goes out searching for Sheldon, only to find him at the gym lifting weights, surrounded by babes. Leonard, Raj, and Howard must abandon the competition and track down the original jock in order to save their friend from a life of athleticism and popularity. (Dolph Lundgren guest stars as the Jock Supreme.)

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