Big Bang Theory, “The Holiday Special Cheer Equation”

Leonard experiences a case of the Christmas blues as Penny spends Christmas with her parents down in Florida. Feeling alone and abandoned, he decides to jump off a bridge. When he gets there, he’s visited by his guardian angel, who resembles but totally isn’t Cousin Leroy. Angel Leroy shows Leonard what life would be like if he were gone: Howard lurks the streets at night in a red trench coat killing prostitutes. Raj is recaptured by the government and is subjected to more torture. Sheldon is locked away in a mental asylum, rocking back and forth in a padded room saying, “Bazinga, bazinga, ba-ziiin-gaaaaa!” Penny dates some jerk who’s not even in a STEM career. Having seen enough, Leonard sees the value in the role he plays and runs through the street spreading Christmas cheer.

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