Dear White People: Season 2 – Review

Dear White People continues to impress me with its second season.

TV and City

Dear White People returns for a second season, May 4th on Netflix.

By Jeffery Shellenbarger

Season 1 of Dear White People—the Netflix dramedy series based on the film of the same name—largely explored themes of being black in a space that has historically been segregated—through both systemic and official means. In this case, it’s the Ivy League college of Winchester University. Throughout the season, we saw the characters finding themselves pigeonholed into their very specific roles until it all exploded in a fiery protest.

Season 2 picks up directly after the events of the first season. An alt-right movement—the rather ironic politically correct term for a white supremacist movement—has taken a stronghold at Winchester following the protests and a dorm fire that forced the integration of the historically black AP house. With the invasion of white students into the black space, the students are forced to explore the dualities of…

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