Bar Rescue, “Emergency Rescue”

When Jon Taffer suffers a massive heart attack, he is rushed to the hospital. But just because his body is struggling to stay alive, that doesn’t mean his mission to save American businesses from decay will cease. On the ambulance ride to the ER, Taffer criticizes not only the driver for not using a state-of-the-art navigating system like the ones made by show sponsor TomTom®, but also the EMT for not pumping his chest 80 times a minute. When he gets to the hospital, he notices that the ER doesn’t have its own kitchen, which leads to Taffer bringing in his pal Rodney Henry—former contestant on Food Network Star—to give the Emergency Room an emergency new menu featuring nothing but meat pies. A family without insurance gets shouted away by Taffer when it’s revealed that they have no insurance and no money.

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