Big Bang Theory, "The Theory of Electoral Selection"

Sheldon wakes up from his coma just in time for the election… of the United Trekkers of America, Local Chapter 1094. Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard struggle to choose between a spray-tanned loudmouth who doesn’t seem to have ever watched Star Trek, but properly hates the unpopular films of the franchise, and a pragmatic woman with a binder full of convention plans and specifics, but is kind of cold and flip flops on whether or not she likes Voyager depending on who she’s talking to. Meanwhile, Cousin Leroy and Penny win a free ride on the Goodyear blimp. When the pilot chokes on a piece of gum he received from Penny, it’s up to Cousin Leroy to land the airship. Raj shaves his beard in the crawl space where Penny has hidden him.

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