Young Sheldon, “Bazing-obble gobble!”

When Young Sheldon dresses as a pilgrim on the last day of school before Thanksgiving break, some bullies shove him into a locker and flush his hat down a toilet. At dinner the following night, Young Sheldon gets to break the wishbone with his father. When he gets the bigger piece, the little genius wishes … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “Bazing-obble gobble!”

Big Bang Theory, “The Presentation Impersonationing”

It’s the big chili cook off and Raj hopes to win the prize for the hottest pot. Raj steals some plutonium from the Libyans and puts it in the chili, which scalds Howard’s throat, leaving him unable to speak right before his big work presentation. The two scheme to hide Raj in the lectern and … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Presentation Impersonationing”

Big Bang Theory, “The Sauce Delirium”

When the Chunky Burger brings back its Cantonese-flavored Chicken Dunklet sauce for one day only, the Big Bang Gang™ piles into Raj’s van and heads out for some nugs. When they get there and find out that the sauce is sold out, Leonard nerd rages himself into an online campaign against the company. Meanwhile, The … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Sauce Delirium”

Young Sheldon, “Thou Shalt Not Bazinga”

Young Sheldon tries to impress a group of teenagers from school by stealing a Betamax tape from the corner video store. While his classmates are thrilled, Young Sheldon is filled with immense guilt. When he tells his father, his dad gives him a stern lecture about the time he stole a man’s blood in Vietnam.

Big Bang Theory, “The Virtual Reality Extraction”

Howard sets up a new VR rig and the Big Bang Gang™ comes over for a demonstration. When he runs a haunted house simulation featuring serial killers, things go wrong as the virtual reality machine connects to the WiFi-enabled 3D printer, which then prints up copies of murderers. This wacky pack of nerds must destroy … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Virtual Reality Extraction”

Young Sheldon, “Trick-or-Bazinga”

Young Sheldon is bullied at school when he tells his classmates that his Halloween plans include Trick-or-Treating. As his mother shows him the finished costume she made him, he yells at her that he’s too old to dress up. Young Sheldon questions his decision when Elvira talks to him in a day dream. Young Sheldon’s … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “Trick-or-Bazinga”

Young Sheldon, “Friday Night Bazingas”

It’s time for the first big pep rally at school, and Young Sheldon doesn’t see what the big fuss is all about. That is until he sees the mascot—Kipper the Wonder Herring—run out onto the basketball court. When Kipper breaks his leg during a stunt involving jumping off a trampoline through a hula hoop and … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “Friday Night Bazingas”

Big Bang Theory, “The Genetically Modified Male Enhancement”

After YouTube changed the creator revenue policy, the Potato Penny decides it’s time to shut down her channel, but not without doing her best VLOG yet! When writer’s block plagues her starchy brain, she starts to wonder about where her path will take her next. Meanwhile, Sheldmond and Amy go on their first date, and … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Genetically Modified Male Enhancement”

Young Sheldon, “The Birds and the Bazingas”

As health class begins its unit in sexual education, Young Sheldon discovers that there is a lot he doesn’t know about his body. An older classmate shows him some Playboy magazines, then shoves them in Young Sheldon’s briefcase when the Vice Principal walks by. Young Sheldon must now find a way to conceal and dispose … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “The Birds and the Bazingas”

Big Bang Theory, “The Friend Regeneration”

The Big Bang Gang™ grows bored without Sheldon's bazingas, prompting Amy to grow a clone from her cooler full of Sheldon DNA samples. Amy and the Potato Penny teach the fresh clone Sheldmond how to act more like Sheldon, while Howard, Raj, and Leonard get stuck in an elevator.

Young Sheldon, “Bazinga Begins”

Held captive by a shapeless being of pure energy, Sheldon is forced to watch and narrate his childhood. The story starts with the Young Sheldon and his family moving to a new town in Texas to escape his father’s rather unsavory past. Upon arriving at his new school, Young Sheldon’s genius prompts his principal to … Continue reading Young Sheldon, “Bazinga Begins”

Big Bang Theory, “The Crossover Contamination”

Picking up at last season’s cliffhanger where Raj revealed that Cousin Leroy descended from the cosmos and abducted Leonard, the Big Bang Gang™ draws straws to determine who must go into orbit and retrieve their friend. When Sheldon draws the short straw, he finds that his journey into space is a bigger adventure than he … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Crossover Contamination”

Kevin Can Wait, “Break On Through to the Other Show”

Kevin and his new clients Raj and Sheldon go out to the desert and catch a glimpse of the mysterious figure who captured Leonard. When Kevin notices Raj’s strange reaction to seeing the figure’s face, his investigation changes its focus to Raj’s recent past. Meanwhile back home, Jack investigates Chale’s gambling habits.

Big Bang Theory, “The Kevin Xenogamy”

Leonard and Sheldon go to the desert for a “business” deal when they encounter a mysterious being with a familiar face (played by guest star Jaleel White). When the being grabs Leonard and disappears, Sheldon rushes home to tell the rest of the Big Bang Gang™. After a failed attempt to locate their friend, they … Continue reading Big Bang Theory, “The Kevin Xenogamy”

REWIND: Big Bang Theory, “The Conspiracy Theory of Thermodynamics”

[Bing Bang Boom will be taking the week off while I finish packing and moving into a new house. Please enjoy these classic episodes in the meantime. Who knows, they may be relevant to what's coming up next week...] The government is after Raj again now that he inadvertently revealed to the gang and the … Continue reading REWIND: Big Bang Theory, “The Conspiracy Theory of Thermodynamics”