KCW, s3e1 “Kevin Canned Wait”

With his detective agency shut down, and more and more of Kevin’s reality in shambles, he makes a last-ditch effort to return things to the way they used to be by venturing off into the woods where a cabin is said to appear every full moon. Kevin enters the cabin and speaks to the shadowy … Continue reading KCW, s3e1 “Kevin Canned Wait”

Kevin Can Wait, “Paint It Black—Friday!”

It’s Black Friday, and Kevin and the family head to the mall for some shopping. When a crazed shopper tramples Sara, Kevin tasers the man and discovers a small parasite attached to the back of his neck. Perhaps theres a little more to the shopping mania than just modest savings on everyday goods.     … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Paint It Black—Friday!”

Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin of Queens”

After having a dream where he was married to his former detective partner Vanessa Cellucci (Leah Remini), Kevin gives her a call and asks her out. When the waiter asks to see their IDs after ordering some wine, Kevin notices that the name on her license says Carrie Heffernan, leading Kevin to investigate who this … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin of Queens”

Kevin Can Wait, “It’s Not Delivery, It’s Kevin!”

When Kevin wakes up in a package delivery uniform, he decides to look into the rumors that a nearby package delivery warehouse is storing footage of the JFK assassination taken from the grassy knoll. Along the way, he discovers a man called Spence Olchin, who claims to be a buddy of his. Despite having no … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “It’s Not Delivery, It’s Kevin!”

Kevin Can Wait, “Donna of the Dead”

An unfortunate accident at the anvil company leaves Donna dead, and the Gable family coming to grips with life without her. Chale and Kendra focus on the funeral arrangements while Kevin sets his sights on a local voodoo death cult that claims to know a way to bring Donna back from the dead.