Breaking News: Death from Above

Hello folks, Jesse "The Newsman” Ventura here bringing you the REAL news straight from the TURNbuckle of TRUTH. Reuters has reported that AUSTRALIA is planning on unLEASHING a series of shark deTECTing drones in an atteMPT to make its beaches safer for the children. These ROBOTS can supposedly DETECT sharks from not-sharks swimming around in … Continue reading Breaking News: Death from Above

Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin, the Night Stalker”

Having spent all of his inheritance on a new state-of-the-art surveillance drone, Kevin has decided to dedicate his free time to vigilante justice by opening up his own detective agency. Things take a turn to the strange when his drone is intercepted by what appears to be an alien. Kevin shows the video footage to … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin, the Night Stalker”