Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin Cannibal Wait”

The local police are flabbergasted as multiple cases of people waking up with their spleens missing go unsolved without an clues. When Chale becomes victim number ten, Kevin takes the case! As the police pursue a local black market organ harvesting ring, Kevin decides to investigate a mysterious footprint that leads him to an ancient … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Kevin Cannibal Wait”

Kevin Can Wait, “Mo Money, Mo Kevin”

Kevin has a moral dilemma as he inherits a million dollars from his long lost uncle’s estate. Kendra tries to convince Kevin to open a new not-for-profit and to name Chale as its CEO. Donna wants Kevin to buy a mansion. Kevin seeks the advice of his uncle’s ghost to figure out what to do. Dan Akroyd … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “Mo Money, Mo Kevin”

Kevin Can Wait, “NYPD Blues”

Kevin feels down in the dumps when he finds out that he wasn’t invited to the annual Policeman’s Ball. When Kendra sees Kevin moping around, she decides to cattle prod Chale until he asks Kevin to go fishing with him. As their sailboat gets stuck in the middle of the lake due to a lack … Continue reading Kevin Can Wait, “NYPD Blues”