So, what is this?

Bing Bang Boom TV is nothing but the freshest parodies of TV Guide-style summaries of upcoming episodes of TV. More recently, I’ve decided to also cover some #fakenews. Fun stuff, I assure you.

And who might you be?

I’m a guy known as Jeffery. Armed with a B.A. in English from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and a job in an unrelated field, I use this blog primarily as a means of giving you a glimpse into what TV would look like if I were a show runner.

The screen tastes far better than the cartridge.

You must watch these shows a lot.

Well, not really. Some of these shows I’ve never seen, some I’ve seen maybe one or two episodes (I’m looking at you, The Big Bang Theory), and others I thoroughly enjoy. For narrative reasons, most shows typically follow a certain formula. What I do is figure out what that formula is, and exploit it. I call it a Write Hack™. (Or is it Hack Writing?)

You should do a summary for [insert show]!

I am always open to suggestions, but I don’t do requests. If your suggestion sparks anything good, I’ll gladly run with it. Feel free to submit your suggestions in the comment sections, or take to my Twitter (@kelcgrammer).

With that, I leave you this:

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